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Slow Lifting Works?

By muscle fitness / October 9, 2017

Slow Lifting If you want to become very strong, you have to lift weights heavy enough to make your muscles burn. It doesn’t make any difference whether you move the weights slowly or rapidly. Just exercise intensely enough so your muscles feel sore the next day. The soreness indicates that you have injured the fibers. […]


Total Body Dumbbell Workout to Torch Fat

By ecaddy / March 26, 2017

Image courtesy of: Parcivall The best way to get a true, total-body burn going? Pick up some weights—the heavier the better. But skip the biceps curls and triceps kickbacks; opt for complex movements that recruit tons of muscle to get your whole body revving. The perfect routine to do just that? This circuit from celeb […]


10 Minutes Of Exercise Get Fit Or Fantasy?

By muscle fitness / February 27, 2017

  A study recently discovered that 10 minutes of intense exercise can give you the same benefits of 45 minutes of casual exercise. They studied two groups of out of shape men who worked out 3 times a week. Both groups made the same improvements in fitness as measured by: • Maximal amount of oxygen […]


Weight Lifting Secrets For 40 and Over Beginners

By muscle fitness / January 19, 2017

There is a difference between someone in their 20’s and someone 40 plus lifting weights. The report states that middle age people who try the traditional lift heavy for 3 sets injure themselves after a few weeks and quit. They should always do just one set. Only when they can lift that weight at least […]